16 January 2009

A healthy new you? It’s all about ‘Baby’ steps!

Hovis team up with Emma Bunton to get the nation feeling healthier

Hovis team up with Emma Bunton to get the nation feeling healthier

30 Million Brits* are determined to be healthier in 2009 but by the end of January only 3 out of 10 of us will still be keeping up our resolutions! The problem seems to be the changes we make are just too big and hard to stick to….

That's why the Hovis Wholemeal Challenge was launched by Emma Bunton in a typical British caff; in a bid to target some of the nation’s unhealthiest eaters with a simple change to make in 2009.

All you need to do is swap two slices of white bread a day for two slices of Hovis Wholemeal. Brits will get their money back if they take the challenge and don’t feel healthier in two weeks.*1

With 6 out of 10 of us usually eating white bread instead of brown*2, it’s a simple change that most of the country will benefit from, and hopefully be able to keep up for the whole of 2009.

Emma Bunton, who is fronting the campaign after recently switching from white bread to Hovis Wholemeal said, “Switching to wholemeal bread is a small change that has made a real difference to me and my family so I’d recommend you give it a go.”

Builder, Phillip Evans, who Emma persuaded to join up for the Hovis Wholemeal Challenge today says, “I’ll admit I’ve never even tried wholemeal bread before but I’m going to give this challenge a go and hopefully I’ll feel better.”

Nutritionist Fiona Hunter says, “Brits always make radical attempts to overhaul their diets after Christmas, only to fail by February. It’s much better to take small steps that you can keep up long-term.”

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Notes to editors:
* According to results from survey released by on Dec 28th. Sample size 2000
*1 Hovis are offering the money-back guarantee from 5th January to 28th February 2009. Terms and Conditions apply.
*2 According to IRI value sales to 15th December 2008

19 January 2009

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