22 January 2019

Mr Kipling Cakes and Pies move out of black plastic...

In our drive to achieve 100% recyclability across our plastic packaging by 2025, we’re making important progress by removing black plastic from all our Mr Kipling cakes and pies, including national favourites Viennese Whirls and Apple Pies.


At present black plastic cannot be classified as widely recycled in accordance with On-Pack-Recycling-Label (OPRL) guidelines. Though the plastic in the trays is recyclable, currently black plastic can’t effectively be detected by the optical sorting equipment used at UK recycling centres, resulting in black trays often getting sent to landfill or incineration. So from January 2019 we’re starting to switch from using black to fully recyclable, clear plastic trays. This will result in the removal of almost 400 tonnes of black plastic from the UK market.   

Our ambitious pledge on plastics also includes a commitment to eliminate problematic PVC and Polystyrene from our packaging by the end of 2020, and to reduce the volume of plastics we use in our packaging by 500 tonnes by 2025. That's on top of the 320 tonnes we’ve already removed over the last three years! And we’ll continue to include OPRL on our packaging, with an aim to do so across 100% of our portfolio by the end of 2019, so consumers can better understand whether our product packaging can be recycled. 

For more information about our use of plastics including our newly published KPIs and our membership of the UK Plastics Pact, please click here.

06 February 2019

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