16 June 2012

Moreton celebrates half a century of Cadbury’s Mini Rolls

The idea was sweet, simple and, in 1962, utterly unique.

The idea was sweet, simple and, in 1962, utterly unique. Now, after 50 years, the popularity of Cadbury Mini Rolls is stronger than ever, with 320 million rolls eaten in the UK every year.

Our Moreton site in the Wirral produces 1,200 rolls every minute, and the site is marking the landmark anniversary with a drive to become a centre of excellence for chocolate-making. “We’re making plenty of new products to help us achieve this goal,” said HR manager Nicola Bevan. “This year has seen the launch of the Great British Mini Roll, which uses a white sponge instead of a chocolate sponge and has Union Jack packaging.”

Chris Proctor, bakery packaging operator has worked at Moreton since 1987 and has seen first hand how Cadbury Mini Rolls and the process behind them have changed. “Even though packaging is now done by machines now, demand is higher than ever before,” she explains. “So working together as a team is really important. The good thing is that there’s always been a close-knit family culture here too – and still is today.”

With chocolate enrobing becoming one of the key new innovation methods in modern-day cake making, the Moreton site is well placed to lead the way and is continuing to place significant investment in the new machinery to help them be a Centre of Excellence for chocolate making.

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