27 March 2017

Ambrosia… celebrating 100 years of quality!

Throughout 2017 we’re celebrating Ambrosia’s 100th birthday. All year we’re going behind the scenes to explore what makes it so special. 

From the fresh, local West Country milk through constant investment in state of the art production to lock in that goodness, our commitment to quality has remained the same for 100 years… only the best for Ambrosia!


Ambrosia is much celebrated for creaminess that starts with the quality and freshness of the milk that goes in. 

Proud to support local

The milk that goes into making our delicious Ambrosia desserts comes from local, responsible West Country farms. They have all attained Red Tractor certification, meaning they meet high standards of animal welfare, food safety, traceability and environmental protection.


Buying local means that the milk we receive fresh into our creamery each morning will often make its way into finished Ambrosia Custard and Creamed Rice desserts that very afternoon.

We’re proud to have been supporting the local economy in this way for 100 years, with many of the farms we buy from today supplying milk to our creamery for years, some even since Ambrosia was born in 1917!
Take for instance Farmer Rob Fry, of Thorne Farm, just two miles north of our Ambrosia Creamery.

Rob can trace his family’s connection with Ambrosia all the way back to the year the creamery opened in 1917. His 55 strong herd of dairy cows produce 300,000 litres of quality milk each year. And every day the milk is transported the short distance to our creamery, where it goes into producing our famous Ambrosia Custard and Creamed Rice desserts that same day. 
“It’s really nice to know that our milk only goes two miles down the road to the factory to go into good quality Ambrosia products. We’ve been proud to have been doing it for 100 years.” Rob-Fry-vt.jpg
And meet Farmer Paul George of Namserrow Farm, Cornwall.

Paul farms Holstein Friesian Cows, famous for producing high yields of quality milk. Just like Rob Fry, Paul puts the welfare and happiness of his cows above all else. Paul’s cows have access to roam outside all year round, and in the Spring and Summer months enjoy grazing on lush West Country grass.
In his own words, “If we have happy and healthy cows, they’ll reward us with quality milk.” Paul-George-vt.jpg

Trusted partnerships

As well as buying whole milk direct from local farms, we partner with local creameries such as Rodda’s in Cornwall. Family business Rodda’s provide us with the skimmed milk that goes into our famous Custard and Creamed Rice, and the clotted cream that makes our new Ambrosia Deluxe Custard so deliciously indulgent.​

roddas-logo.pngRodda’s have been a trusted supplier to Ambrosia for around 30 years, producing 30 million litres of skimmed milk for us each year.

Like us, they’re committed to producing a high quality product and have been doing so for almost 130 years. It's why they only source milk from local, Red Tractor certified farms, and always strive to push these standards higher year on year.
“It’s always lovely to see Ambrosia products on shelf, knowing that the milk from our farmers has gone into making these great products. We’re so proud of this partnership between two west country creameries.”
Nick Rodda, CEO, Rodda’s

Locking the goodness in

At our Ambrosia Creamery in Devon, we receive around 200,000 litres of fresh local milk each day (that’s 70 million litres a year!) starting from 6am. It's delivered from local farmers like Rob Fry straight after milking, and from Creameries like Rodda's as soon as it's processed.
An efficient operation… once delivered the milk is rapidly taken into our high tech production area where our 300+ colleagues get to work producing our delicious Ambrosia desserts. We produce upwards of one million units of Ambrosia desserts every day and 250 million units per year!

Hear from Steve Pretty, Factory General Manager at our Ambrosia Creamery in this short video.
Locking in the freshness… our speed and efficiency of production means that milk we receive in the morning will result in an Ambrosia product by the afternoon. Take for example our famous Creamed Rice, which takes only 4 hours to produce!

Hear more from Rachel Matheson, Operations Production Manager at our Ambrosia Creamery, in this short video.
Over its 100 year history our Ambrosia Creamery has progressed from small scale manual production to highly automated, state of the art production lines that lock in the goodness of the high quality ingredients. But while ingredients and equipment have been updated over the years, our classic Ambrosia Devon Custard and Creamed Rice, and indeed all our Ambrosia desserts range, is still made in essentially the same way it always was, and always by the loving efforts of our colleagues in Lifton.


Evolving to meet the needs of consumers

Just last year we introduced our brand new Ambrosia Deluxe Custard range. It's our creamiest and most velvety custard yet and taps into the growing consumer trend for indulgent foods. Made from fresh Devon cream and the finest blend of ingredients, the range includes three luxurious flavours - Vanilla with Clotted Cream, Vanilla with Creamy Toffee and Vanilla with Salted Caramel. Look out for exciting new products coming later this year!


Celebrating 100 years!

Alfred Morris would be proud that since he created Ambrosia in 1917, his commitment to quality, delicious flavour, and supporting local suppliers, is as central to Ambrosia as it always was. And we’re proud of all our colleagues who carry that tradition on today, making our delicious products with the same love, care and attention that their forbears have for 100 years! Read more about Alfred Morris and the history of Ambrosia here.

Our delicious Ambrosia desserts are sold in all major retailers (plus most smaller retailers!) and you can buy our famous Devon Custard wrapped up in our centenary packaging online from Asda, Morrisons, Sainsburys and Tesco.

02 May 2017

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