10 March 2016

​The big OXO debate… how do you crumble yours?

OXO has set social media alight after a blogger from Yorkshire sparked a national debate by suggesting the correct way to crumble an OXO stock cube is while it’s still in its foil wrapper. 

The revelation has stunned the nation, with most home cooks claiming that for years they’ve laboriously peeled the foil wrapper and crumbled the stock cube in their fingers. In her shock, one woman took to Facebook to exclaim “I feel like my whole life has been a lie. All those crumbly messes I could have avoided!”, a post that attracted an astonishing 30,000 likes and 41,000 shares in just 22 hours!

With coverage in the Daily Mail, The Sun (including a video guide!), The Telegraph, The Mirror, on BBC Radio 2, Heart FM, ITV's This Morning and across social media, it’s a debate that has gripped the nation. But what is the correct way to crumble an OXO stock cube? 

We’ll it’s true, our iconic foil packaging has been cleverly designed to allow you to crumble the stock cube in the pack before pouring, but as far as we’re concerned anything goes, and if you prefer to crumble it in your fingers, then who are we to argue?

How do you crumble yours? Tell us here.

26 April 2016

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