25 September 2017

​Mr Kipling - Meeting consumer trends

This year, after conducting thorough research into the UK cake category we identified a number of niche areas of growth including a rise in consumers looking for indulgent treats and free from cake ranges. 

To tap into this growth, we developed a new Mr Kipling range of ‘indulgent’ luxury fruit tarts and a ‘Free From’ range of Gluten free cakes. 

‘Free From’ is one of the fastest growing cake sectors - not only are there consumers shopping in response to specific allergens and food intolerance, but there is also a growing trend of consumers choosing ‘Free From’ options as part of a healthier lifestyle. 
Amy Heap, Brand Manager - Mr Kipling, explains more about the idea behind the direction for our Mr Kipling range: “Not only does our Gluten free range enable more people to enjoy our classic Mr Kipling cakes, it also takes Mr Kipling into the Free From aisle for the first time - helping us expand the relevance of the brand and gain incremental space in store.” 

Mr-Kipling-almond-slide.pngTo expand the Gluten Free range from Loaf cakes and Mini Cherry Bakewells, we introduced Brownie, Almond and Country slices to Tesco stores in September which were developed exclusively to mirror popular existing Mr Kipling slices. The slices come individually packaged to unlock the ‘on the go’ eating occasion.  

Heap continues: “We know there is often only one celiac in a household so slices are the perfect fit for this. Brands are critical in Gluten Free for attracting "lifestylers (those who choose Gluten Free as an alternative choice) so Mr Kipling launching much loved products, in modern and portionable packaging is a great step forward for the category.

“Since launch, our Gluten free range has brought in over 30,000 shoppers to the Tesco ‘Free From’ category, and we’re confident that by expanding the range with familiar Mr Kipling slices, we’ll appeal to a wider consumer audience.”

To further develop our Mr Kipling brand, we also looked at ways to produce a more indulgent, premium cake using higher quality ingredients and a luxurious combination of flavours. The result was a four-pack of fruit tarts complete with a new style of packaging.  3D-Raspberry-Tarts.jpg

Karmel Maletta, Innovation Controller for Sweet Treats, explains more about the move into ‘indulgence’ for Mr Kipling: "We were excited by the idea of developing a truly indulgent range for Mr Kipling as this would be a new direction for the brand. We tested the idea with consumers using focus group and feedback sessions. During our market research session, they confirmed our belief that Mr Kipling could fit naturally within the indulgence cake sector. This gave us the green light to stretch the brand and develop a new ‘indulgence range’."

The first products in the new range are our luxury fruit tarts, which we launched in two delicious flavours ‘Lemon & White Chocolate’ and ‘Raspberry & White Chocolate’ and both feature a premium ganache filling. This range was fully validated by concept advisor, sensory, shelf and full volumetric testing. 


Both flavours of tarts include a straight edge pastry and are individually hand decorated which adds to the premiumisation of the range.

hand-finished.jpgPaul Baker, Technical Manager at our Stoke bakery, which makes the new cakes, said: “The Mr Kipling Tarts are revolutionary for the Stoke site. It is the first time we have produced straight edged pastry tarts on site and used white chocolate ganache in our recipes.”

The tarts are housed in a brand new packaging design for Mr Kipling with the introduction of the ‘story’ range which is both eye-catching and stands out on shelf. Consumer reactions to the packaging, during feedback sessions included comments: 

“A very different feel from other designs in the category, the approach comes across as contemporary and modern – a refreshing alternative to other options”1

We’re proud of our core Mr Kipling range and the heritage of the brand, but we also continue to look for ways to meet the needs of the modern British consumer and identify new opportunities for growth. Using the findings from our consumer research, we’ll be innovating the Mr Kipling brand to tap into other growth areas.

We’re confident that our ambitious plans for the brand over the next 3 years - a combination of driving the core iconic range and strong innovation plans which take us into new territories will ensure we cement Mr Kipling as the UK’s No. 1 cake brand.

Both the Indulgent and Gluten free ranges are in store now. 


1 - Source: One MS Shelf Test Results October 2016.

10 October 2017

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