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My Role at Premier Foods


My day starts with a run near to our head office in St Albans to clear my mind and get prepared for the day ahead. While eating a slice of Hovis toast, I review my list of things to do and review what is realistic given the meetings I have in my diary and what may crop up.

During the morning, I review my customer accounts to ensure we are on track to deliver what we have agreed and catch up with my team to get a clear picture on anything immediate. The best part of my job is the management responsibility that I have in providing direction and guidance to my team and counselling them on any commercial challenges that they may face.  I get a great feeling of satisfaction when we deliver exceptional customer service and help our customers meet their own objectives.

My role is diverse as work with lots of teams across the business such as Finance and Marketing.  We work together to understand how we can support our customers to get more shoppers to put our products in their baskets or enhance the systems and processes that we have available in our business to enable our teams to work more effectively.