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Our strategic model



Our core purpose
We create food the nation loves most for modern life

Our strategic model is based around our core purpose – to create food the nation loves most for modern life. We develop a deep understanding of the role food plays in our consumers’ lives and use this knowledge to create food they love to eat. We believe this drives increased sales and creates value for our shareholders.


Our business model
Delivering our core purpose


Leading British brands

We have a valuable portfolio of market leading British brands, many with a unique heritage going back more than 100 years. With 95% of British households buying at least one of our brands each year we have a great opportunity to deliver new products which meet consumers' needs.

Experience and expertise

Our management team have a deep understanding of today’s food industry and our dedicated colleagues have vast experience in manufacturing and product development. We have strong capability in the areas of consumer insights, innovation, marketing, sales, engineering and food science.

Operational capability

Our manufacturing base can produce our products in a wide variety of formats to meet today’s food occasions, utilising modern technology and leading safety standards for our food and our people.



Our strategy
Driving Category Growth

We believe the best opportunity to achieve sustainable growth is by driving growth in the categories in which we operate. This aligns our business with the interests of our major customers and our category leading brands ensure we benefit the most from a growing category. We have recently announced a number of new initiatives to accelerate growth and ex and our brands into new categories.


Our five strategic priorities
How we deliver our strategy


Exploiting our deep UK expertise to delight our consumers

  • Putting the consumer at the heart of everything we do by constantly updating our consumer research and refreshing our insights.
  • Gaining insights into shopper behaviour to see what motivates consumers when in store.
  • Translating these insights into innovation to meet evolving consumer trends.


Building stronger brands and accelerating innovation

  • Creating innovative new products to meet consumer needs.
  • Investing in new and traditional marketing for our brands.
  • Ensuring our promotional investments are effective, efficient and inspiring.


Cultivating more responsive and valued customer partnerships

  • Working closely with our customers to agree shared goals for our mutual growth.
  • Being agile to respond to the opportunities created by emerging retail channels.
  • Seeking strategic international opportunities for medium term growth.


Unlocking our people’s potential

  • Communicating our purpose and living our values and behaviours.
  • Creating a workplace that encourages and rewards high levels of performance and develops colleagues at all levels of the organisation to maximise their potential.
  • Constantly seeking improvement to our industry leading Health & Safety record.


Working smarter to reduce costs and drive effectiveness

  • Driving unwanted cost and complexity out of the business wherever we can.
  • Working smarter by improving our business processes and use of technology.
  • Building stronger partnerships with our key suppliers to support innovation and achieve mutually beneficial growth



Our core processes
Supporting our priorities

Consumer insights

Everything we do starts with our consumers and understanding the role food plays in their lives. We delve deep into how they shop and when, where and why they cook and how they eat. This knowledge inspires the products we create to help consumers manage their busy modern lives, whether its helping them to make a delicious home made meal quickly or providing a tasty treat on-the-go.

Focused investment

Our investment is focussed on our core assets. We invest in our brands by developing new products and marketing them through both traditional media, such as television, print and radio and also engaging with new digital channels. We invest in our operational assets to increase efficiency and we invest in our people to develop their potential.

Customer channels

Strong relationships with our retail customers are critical in making our products available to consumers. We invest in strong partnerships and joint business plans to drive mutual growth. We do this by managing and growing categories, which suits our customers' needs, whether they be the major supermarkets, high street discounters or online. We also pursue customer own label contracts where they provide an appropriate return or facilitate increased operational efficiencies.

Efficient supply chain

We partner with our suppliers to provide high quality, ethically sourced ingredients, buying from British suppliers wherever possible and collaborating with key suppliers on innovation to create shared business opportunities. We continue to focus on reducing our usage of natural resources and our environmental footprint.

Reducing cost & complexity

We constantly seek to reduce costs and complexity to improve our efficiency and effectiveness and deliver our consumers the best quality and value we can. We embrace new technology and new ways of doing things and encourage our colleagues to treat every pound as their own. The more we can save, the more we can invest in our brands.

Profitable growth

The leveraging of our core assets by our core processes helps to fuel growth across a range of areas; including top line revenue growth, market share growth, brand equity growth and ultimately bottom line trading profit.



Our outcomes
Delivering value to our shareholders

Generating Shareholder Value

Our strategy is designed to drive profitable growth and to generate the cash we need to pay down debt and to re-invest in the business. We have identified strategic opportunities to accelerate our growth plans by leveraging our capabilities, infrastructure and brand equity to expand into new formats, channels and markets. We believe this approach will be central to the creation of value for our shareholders over the medium-term.

Acting Responsibly

By acting responsibly and sustainably in everything we do we also bring wider value to our colleagues, our suppliers, our communities and others who touch our business.


Our responsibilities
Our foundation is being responsible and sustainable


  • Health and well-being
  • Investing in skills
  • Community involvement
  • Sustainable supply chain





Brands people love

You'll find one of our much loved brands in 96% of British households.

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100 years of history

When were Mr. Kipling cakes invented? Where does the name Bisto come from?

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Caring for the environment, and building trust in our supply chain.

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