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Our Supply Chain

We are very proud of our supply chain across Grocery and Bread.

Wherever possible, we actively look to source ingredients, products and services from UK producers and suppliers. We consciously spend 82% of our £1.2 billion procurement budget annually with UK producers and suppliers.

For example:

  • We buy circa 70 million litres of liquid milk from UK dairy farmers and we also source a further 300 metric tonnes (mt) of skimmed powdered milk, 1,700mt of butter and 1,250mt of cream.
  • We source approximately 300 metric tonnes (mt) of liquid egg, and egg products, from UK suppliers.  Where possible we buy UK produced free range eggs to meet our significant annual requirement.  This contributes about £4 million to the UK egg production sector.
  • We bought 75,000 metric tonnes (mt) of sugar last year. The sugar beet was sourced from some 4,500 British sugar beet growers and the sector provides jobs for some 13,000 people across eastern England.
  • We source over 600,000 metric tonnes (mt) of wheat from the UK which contributes in excess of £160m to the agricultural sector.
  • Over 90% of our packaging spend is with UK suppliers - 100% of glass, cartons, labels and corrugated board is sourced from the UK.

18% of our procurement spend is from outside of the UK (12% in the EU and 6% from the rest of the world.) Some items are now available in commercially competitive qualities from UK grown sources (e.g. Cocoa powder, selected frozen and puree fruit, rice, powdered free range egg, selected vegetables, processed tomatoes, wheat for non-Hovis production, processed starches and glucose and some vegetable oils such as palm and coconut.)

Supporting British jobs:

  • 95% of our products are produced in Britain (a small number of products are produced for us by third parties overseas) and we spend 82% of our £1.2 billion procurement budget with UK producers and suppliers.
  • One of our most significant impacts of our business is to create employment. As one of Britain's largest food producers, we employ around 9,000 people at over 35 sites right across the country.
  • Our business stimulates job creation throughout our supply chain and beyond. Our business is inextricably linked to the health of the localities within which we operate - our employees spend money in their local communities up and down the country, supporting local jobs as well as paying taxes and national insurance.