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Our Supply Chain

We are very proud of our UK Supply Chain

Our 9 manufacturing sites and 3 logistics centres work tirelessly to produce and distribute the best quality products in a safe and environmentally conscious way at the most efficient cost.

Through developing the skills of our people and investing in state of the art technology we are able to deliver sustainable year-on-year reductions in our manufacturing and logistics costs whilst improving customer service. We are passionate about continuous improvement and constantly look for ways to reduce complexity and improve our effectiveness. For instance, we have identified 700 low margin or obsolete stock keeping units (SKUs) that we can eliminate by the end of 2014 compared to 2012 levels - representing a 41% reduction -  that will help simplify the business and improve focus. We have also committed to halve the number of suppliers we have over two years by creating fewer, longer-term and more strategic partnerships with a smaller group suppliers.

We are also proud of our environmental record. We set ourselves targets to cut the amount of waste we generate as well as reducing our carbon emissions, energy and water usage and delivery miles across all of our sites. In addition, we make every effort to source our ingredients and services from suppliers who have a similar commitment to sustainability and doing the right thing. As a result, we have won several awards for our achievements.

Health and safety is also an area in which we’ve won awards for our performance. Premier Foods health and safety record is around 10 times higher than the food industry average reflecting the huge focus we place on a safe work environment in every part of the company.