Premier Foods

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Our Business

Premier Foods is one of the largest UK suppliers of ambient grocery products.

Our Grocery business includes both branded and non-branded products in five core categories including; ambient cakes, flavourings and seasonings, ambient desserts, cooking sauces and accompaniments and easy eating.

The core of our business is our Power Brands which we believe have the highest growth potential. These include Ambrosia custard and rice pudding, Batchelors soups, pasta, rice and noodles, Bisto and OXO stocks and gravies, Loyd Grossman and Sharwood’s cooking sauces and Mr. Kipling cakes.

In addition, we have a number of support brands including Angel Delight whipped dessert, Atora suet, Be-Ro flour, Bird’s custard, Homepride cooking sauces, Lyons cakes, Marvel powdered milk creamer, McDougalls home baking, Paxo stuffing mixes, Saxa salt and Smash instant potato. We have a long-standing licence to produce CadburyTM branded cake products.

In April 2014 we reached an agreement with The Gores Group, a private investment firm, to operate our Bread business as a stand-alone joint venture trading as Hovis Limited. This agreement has helped release new investment to upgrade the business’s operational infrastructure and reinvigorate the Hovis brand. We retain a 49% stake in Hovis Limited which is reported as a minority interest in our financial statements.