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The Best in British Food

Our Heritage

We are extremely proud of Premier Foods' British Heritage.

All of our brands boast a rich heritage having been enjoyed by British consumers for decades. In 2012, we spent 82% of our £1.2 billion procurement budget with UK producers and suppliers.

 Our Power Brands


Ambrosia was founded in 1917 as an infant nutrition company by Albert Morris and in the 1930's the Creamery began producing canned rice pudding.  

The Creamery supplied dried milk to our troops in the First World War. 

Ambrosia products are registered with The Red Tractor Scheme. The range carries the Red Tractor logo and these can be seen on our cans and cartoons. This means that all our milk can be traced back to the farm it comes from, those with the highest quality milk and the highest standards for the welfare of their cows. 

All of our milk for Ambrosia is still sourced from only the South West of England. 


William Batchelor began the company in 1895, selling packets of peas. He soon adopted the breakthrough canning technology, supplying soup and vegetables to busy British homes. In a short space of time, it became one of the most successful canning companies in the UK and later, a household name.

Throughout its history, it has been known for leasing the way in packaging and product innovation.

In 1949, Batchelors began making dried soups; by 1972 these became known as the famous 'Cup a Soup'.

In 2012, the Batchelors brand continued to innovate and launched its Deli Box – a light lunch.


The Bisto story began in 1908, when two employees at the Cerebos salt company, Mr. Roberts and Mr. Patterson developed the recipe that was to become Bisto original gravy powder.

Its name is derived from the fact that it "Browns Instantly, Seasons and Thickens in One" and became a firm favourite in households across Britain for its ease and convenience and with guaranteed results every time, the perfect gravy was now within everybody’s capabilities.

In 1919, the first Bisto Kids adverts appeared, catching the scent of cooking on the breeze, and sighing. ‘Ahhh…Bisto’.  A catchphrase that lives on today.


Loyd Grossman
Loyd has been making sauces for over 20 years and believes that great sauces are all about working with special ingredients to add depth and richness to the flavour.

Loyd’s experience and passion for food inspires his own original recipes to add a truly distinctive taste. His recipes combine fresh and fragrant ingredients to create delicious sauces.

LOYD GROSSMAN words and logo are registered trade marks of Loyd Grossman and are used under licence.


Mr. Kipling

Launched in 1967 to sell cakes of a local baker’s standards to supermarkets, the Mr. Kipling has held the ‘Number 1 Cake Brand’ title since 1976. brand

Mr. Kipling is always experimenting with new cake flavours and formats with an impeccable eye for detail. The range now includes instantly recognisable modern masterpieces from Cherry Bakewells to Angel Slices to Bramley Apple Pies.
In January 2011, Mr. Kipling moved to using 100% free range eggs in all its products containing egg as an ingredient.

OXO was launched in 1847 and accompanied Captain Scott to the South Pole and John Hunt to the Everest summit.  It has even helped sustain troops during two World Wars. 

The OXO brand was one of the first to advertise on TV with icons such s Sooty, housewife ‘Katie’, Denis Waterman and Lynda Bellingham.

While original ‘Beef’ remains the best seller, OXO has developed over the years to suit changing tastes with the new addition of new flavours and the new OXO Squeezy Stock.


Since its establishment in 1889, the Sharwood’s founder James Allen Sharwood, and more recently the Sharwood’s chefs, have been discovering the very best in Asian cuisine for you to enjoy at home.

In August 2010, Sharwood’s teamed up with Joanna Lumley to develop a limited edition Mango Chutney with Kashmiri Chilli – an ingredient from her birthplace. In 2012, Sharwood’s launched a new range of tikka massala sauces and the innovative Wraps Kits in 8 flavours.

Our Other Brands


Angel Delight
Launched back in the 1960's, the Angel Delight product promised the ‘taste of strawberries and cream' and doubled the market for instant desserts.

In 2011, the Angel Delight brand became the first Premier Foods new product development to be exclusively launched on Facebook with its ice cream mixes gaining 49,000 Facebook likes and 142,000 Twitter mentions.


Gabriel Hugon, a Frenchman living in Manchester, founded Atora in 1893.

Captain Scott took it too the Antarctic in the early 1900’s. 


Be-Ro flour was originally sold from Thomas Bell's grocery business near the Tyne Quays under the brand 'Bells Royal'.

Following the death of Edward VII, it became illegal to use the royal name, so 'Be-Ro' was born. The Be-Ro recipe book, first produced in 1923, has sold over 38 million copies since its launch.


The Bird’s brand is best known for its original homemade custard powder, invented by Alfred Bird in 1837.

Bird’s custard was supplied to British troops in World War One.  

The famous ‘Three Bird’ logo was introduced in 1929.


Cadbury* Mini Rolls are the No 1 brand in the 'snacking' cakes market and have been produced in Britain since 1962.

In 1994, Cadbury Cake Bars were introduced and, in 2008, Cake Bites were also introduced.

*The Cadbury Brand is owned by Cadbury UK Limited and used under licence by Premier Foods for Cadbury cakes and Cadbury spreads.



In the 1920’s, Spillers Millars began milling their first bags of Homepride flour.

The famous Fred character made his first appearance on TV in 1964.  He quickly became a distinctive brand icon and national treasure.

The Cook in Sauce range was launched in 1974, pioneering pre-prepared cooking sauces.

In 1999, Homepride sauces launched Pasta Bake and in 2001 and in 2008, respectively, Pasta Stir Sauce and Pasta Bakes were launched.



Lyons opened its first teashop in 1894 in Piccadilly, and by 1940 there were 250 throughout the country.
In the 1950s, Lyons began marketing attractively packaged cakes for sale through grocery outlets.

In 2002, the Lyons brand launched its first range of cakes to be eaten hot. Flavours included Sticky Caramel and Coconut Cakes. The same year, it joined the Golden Jubilee celebrations with a special edition 'Elizabeth Sandwich' Cake.


When the McDougall brothers launched their 'yeast substitute' in 1864 and, later, a product called 'self-raising' flour, they revolutionised home baking. But the innovations didn't stop there and in 1972, the company created another new market with the UK's first-ever baking mixes for easy shortcrust and flaky pastry.

Today, the McDougall brand is the UK leader in retail flour and is helping to make baking as convenient and as deliciously rewarding as possible. The brand spans a number of sectors, including mainstream flour, basic baking mixes (crumble, sponge, pastry), yeast, thickening granules and frozen pies.


Paxo was invented in 1901 by John Crampton, a butcher from Eccles in Manchester, who wanted to make Sunday lunches more exciting.

Parsley & Thyme was the firm favourite for many years, but the growth of chicken roasts in the 60’s changed all that.  Nowadays Sage and Onion is the firm favourite.



The Cerebos salt company was founded in 1884 in Newcastle. Their core brand ‘Saxa’ was launched in 1907.


Synonymous with its '70s catchphrase "For Mash Get Smash" the Smash Martian advertising campaign was voted Campaign Magazine's TV ad of the 20th century.

2008 saw a re-launch of the brand, featuring a new, healthier recipe and improved packaging.