Premier Foods

The Best in British Food

Group Overview

Our vision is to be the Best in British Food.

As one of Britain's largest branded food producers, Premier Foods is committed to providing the 'Best in British Food’ - delivering the taste the British love, with food that's made in Britain by people who understand British consumers. 

We supply a range of retail, wholesale, foodservice and other customers with some of Britain's best loved brands, including Ambrosia desserts, Batchelors convenient meals, Bisto gravy, Hovis bread, Loyd Grossman sauces, Mr. Kipling cakes, OXO stocks and Sharwood’s Asian foods.

Chances are that you have one of our products in your home. Last year, over 98% of British households bought one of our products and these are the number 1 or 2 in each of the categories within which they operate in.

In 2012, our sales were £1.35 billion, delivering a Trading profit of £123.4 million. Branded products represent more than 80% of sales while the remainder comes from sales of a range of own-label products to the UK’s major retailers.

We employ around 9,000 people operating from over 35 sites across the country.