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Consumer focused innovation is at the heart of our business. 

We use consumer insights to drive our innovation agenda and ensure all of our new products fulfil a real consumer need. Premier Foods has a history of creating new and unique products, and aims to continue delivering exciting innovations to delight consumers and deliver on our business objectives.

More details about some of the products we have launched recently, which include Batchelors Deli Box, and Mr. Kipling Cake to Go to name but a few, can be found below.

OXO stirs things up with Shake&Flavour

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The average British consumer has a repertoire of 6.5 dishes in a fortnight


OXO launched an innovative new Shake & Flavour seasonings range into stores this year. The handy shaker pack is filled with fine seasoning granules that can either be sprinkled into food before or during the cooking process or added as a finishing touch before serving. OXO Shake & Flavour has inspired consumers to transform the flavour of more everyday meals by creating flavourful dishes that the family will enjoy. The products comes in three varieties; Garlic & Herb, Rich Beef and Roast Chicken, and debuted in over 1000 Co-Op stores this May, with subsequent listings in Morrisons as well as 600 Tesco outlets. Perfect for adding a dash of excitement to any vegetable, meat or fish dish. It’s the ideal way to get your kids eating more vegetables – simply sprinkle directly onto lightly oiled vegetables before grilling or roasting for added flavour.

Cadbury Mini Rolls interactive ice cream innovation

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75% of British households have bought a chocolate flavoured cake in the last year .


To help support awareness of our new "Ice cream flavours" Cadbury Mini Rolls products, we launched an innovative new campaign this summer called ‘Try Mini Rolls Frozen’ - an innovative new outdoor initiative in some key shopping malls across the country. This August, six large shopping centres in Thurrock, Leeds, London, Milton Keynes, Birmingham and Reading got a cool new addition of a Mini Rolls interactive digital screen where shoppers could have their photo taken which is then animated into a frozen image. Shoppers could then personalise their frozen photo by picking their favourite Ice Cream flavour background and can choose to send it to the display screens or send it to their email address. The campaign was also supported by digital display ads in the malls which featured animated versions of the posters featuring outside supermarkets, as well as a social media push to promote the photos using #Minirollsfrozen on Twitter and Facebook.

Ambrosia's Devon Dream

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Ambrosia custard is eaten after a main meal 96 million times a year, either as a topping or on its own (Source: Kantar Worldpanel Usage, 12 months to November 2012)


Ambrosia has responded to consumer demand to provide a compelling alternative to custard poured over hot puddings by inventing an innovative new product that can be poured over cold desserts. Devon Dream is a new and unique proposition for the ambient dessert category, containing 80% less fat than single cream and has enjoyed a successful launch this year so far. Its success has been driven by early listings in February and is now available in all multiples with 80% distribution and will be the first product from Ambrosia which will make the transition from ambient into fresh produce locations in stores. Devon Dream aims to increase usage by existing Ambrosia consumers during the summer months, as well as introducing entirely new users to the brand through its innovative approach to the modern pudding.

Batchelors Deli Box



Currently only 27% of women who eat noodle pots eat them away from home. (Source: Kantar Worldpanel Purchase - 52 w/e June 2012.)


The new Batchelors Deli Box range is a truly innovative product, from its packaging right through to its unique appeal to female consumers. The new Deli Box range, which comes in US-style square packaging, has been designed to appeal to female shoppers who like the idea of convenient, hot and tasty snacks and trust the Batchelors brand but want appealing, low-fat meal options. A groundbreaking cardboard packaging has been developed for the range that can hold boiling water, setting the Deli Box range apart from the competition and widening brand appeal. The range is currently being rolled out to retailers and comes in Noodle and Pasta varieties and six flavours: Chicken, BBQ Beef, Mild Curry, Chow Mein, Cheese and Broccoli, and Chicken and Mushroom – all containing less than 2% fat (lower than the leading brand in this categor - Source: Kantar Worldpanel Purchase - 52 w/e June 2012). Watch out for them in stores now!

Mr. Kipling Cake to Go gets out and about



58% of Cakes and Pastries consumption at the lunchbox occasion is at work, and 31% is at school.


Mr Kipling has launched an innovative Cake to Go range of Snap Packs which provide convenient cakes to eat when you’re out and about. Snap Packs are perfect for younger families and packed lunches. The new pack designs across the range have gone down a treat, with research showing that they are much more recognisable and customers can find them more quickly in among other products, with 77% of families interviewed preferring the new packs. The Mr Kipling team launched the Cake to go campaign to promote them last spring by using innovative dispensing posters outside 20 locations where lucky passers-by could get their own free sample at the touch of a button. The posters gave out 500 free samples every day which came to a staggering 140,000 individual Angel Slice Snap Packs altogether over two weeks! A Cake to Go van was also used to give away half a million Snap Packs at 113 sites across the country including 102 superstores, seven train stations, three retailer HQs and at the London Marathon. The initiative was supported by our 10 second TV ad.

Bisto Stock Melts

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17% of British households have bought wet stock in the latest year versus just 9% in 2008. (Source:Kantar Worldpanel Purchase - 52 w/e June 2012.)


Bisto Stock Melts are a range of new individual concentrated stock pots that are set to cause a stir. The huge team effort saw colleagues work tirelessly to come up with a really innovative product. Bisto Stock Melts have scored incredibly well in consumer research, with over 88% of consumers rating the product as good/very good and 90% saying it was comparable or better than the main brand on the market. The Bisto Stock Melts offer consumers a high quality and easy-to-use stock product which represents a credible short cut for home cooking. Consumers also felt the range was relevant to a huge range of their favourite meals, such as casseroles, stews, pies, but also spaghetti Bolognese, soups, or curries; and delivered well in terms of ease of use, taste and additional beneficial claims. Watch out for them in store this Summer!

Ambrosia Rice Pots showcase creamy goodness



The new rice range was launched after extensive consumer research that demonstrated our previous range was too large for children and too small for adults. (Source: Kantar Worldpanel Purchase - 52 w/e June 2012.)


2012 is the “Year of Rice” for the Ambrosia brand with a significant investment in product development to make Ambrosia rice perfect for the modern consumer. Two new rice pots have been launched – 120g for kids and 190g for adults, with a low fat “Light Rice” and a twin pot with jam for a treat. The main 120g and 190g pots come in a range of flavours including apple, chocolate and Devon Custard. We have also taken the opportunity to refocus our communications on a healthier positioning, highlighting how our products are still creamy but also naturally low in fat allowing consumers to eat Rice Pots as a regular snack. A recent £17m investment has also seen the introduction of new, cutting-edge equipment at the Ambrosia Creamery at Lifton, Devon, which produces a mammoth 92,000 tonnes of Ambrosia and own-label products every year.